Energy Management

Power Monitoring and Management Solutions

B-Scada's real-time monitoring solutions are helping to reduce power consumption, lower cost, and improve the overall quality of life in industrial, commercial, and residential facilities around the world.

Use advanced real-time visualization tools to monitor and control power consumption. View live and historical trends to analyze usage patterns and plan optimization strategies. Configure alarms to detect and notify of unusual spikes in demand.

Remotely monitor and manage power usage from any web browser. Your B-Scada solution will allow you to:

  • Analyze and visualize data from hundreds of potential sources, including: sensors, logic controllers, network devices, databases, and more.
  • Create, implement and enforce optimization strategies using analytic tools and task automation.
  • Scale your solution to include any number of assets at any number of locations in a single information model.

And, of course, you have access to B-Scada's quality support staff to assist you every step of the way.

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