Vertical Markets

B-Scada has provided SCADA and HMI solutions for a wide range of industries, and the list continues to grow. Our Status products are designed to be employed for any process that involves monitoring and controlling real-time data. As SCADA's popularity grows, so too does the number of ways in which it can be used. In fact, any system with updating information is a candidate for a Status deployment. Here is a list of some of the ways in which you may see Status in action.

Building Automation

Monitor and Control HVAC systems, lighting, water, elevators - include all of your building systems and sensors in a unified model for real-time monitoring, analysis, alarming, and automation.

B-Scada's building automation solutions are developed for buildings old and new, with an open software platform allowing you to connect hundreds of potential data sources.

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Water & Wastewater

B-Scada's software is used to monitor and control water treatment, distribution, and all aspects of water management.

B-Scada's Status products are frequently used to remotely monitor pump and lifting stations, allowing a single web interface to display real-time data related to water levels, pump activity, voltages, noise levels, flow rates - include data from logic controllers, sensors, databases and users in a unified information model.

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B-Scada's software gives manufacturers powerful data visualization and monitoring tools that can eliminate the information gap between management and the production floor, while simultaneously reducing applications development time and operational costs.

Improved manufacturing efficiency is driven by the synchronization of upstream and downstream processes. Consolidate and organize production, maintenance, supply chain and other business data for real-time visualization, analysis, alarming and automation.

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Transportation & Logistics

B-Scada's solutions for fleets and mass transit systems can help improve safety and efficiency while reducing fuel and maintenance costs. Control scheduling, cargo distribution, fuel consumption, and operate signals and switches, through a unified system of custom control panels and dashboards created specifically for your operations.

B-Scada solutions can be deployed to manage truck or ship fleets, mass transit systems, or any transportation system that requires continuous access to real-time data.

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Power Transmission & Distribution

A utility company's transmission and distribution system affects hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people every day. It is hardly acknowledged when working correctly, but extremely obvious when it malfunctions. B-Scada's Smart Grid software technology is ideally suited to monitor and manage generation resources, transmission and distribution processes, service requests, work orders - any and all components of a modern power operation.

Consolidate data from disparate resources for real-time visualization, analysis, and automation.

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B-Scada's software technology is used to monitor and control irrigation systems, feed storage, livestock enclosures and more. With the growth in popularity of precision farming, agricultural enterprises are finding new ways to increase yield while reducing waste and decreasing the need for pesticides.

Consolidate data from multiple assets at multiple locations in a single monitoring and control system.

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Oil, gas and petrochemical companies need to be able to easily manage their daily operations while adhering to regulatory requirements. Information modeling is becoming essential to any operation managing large numbers of diverse and geographically dispersed assets.

Monitor and control geographically isolated well heads, pumping stations and cooling towers, etc. all from a single location. By linking individual applications together in a more cohesive operations management environment, savings are possible in areas from application development to pipeline distribution. B-Scada has your software platform.

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When working with living systems, having access to reliable and accurate real-time data is essential. B-Scada's Status products provide the sophisticated tools required to monitor and control data in biotechnological processes. As these industries are ever-evolving, having a scalable, customizable data visualization solution can significantly reduce the need to frequently update software. Status makes it easy to modify your process controls and HMI screens to keep up with the advance of knowledge and technology.

Pharmaceutical production, biological engineering, and other biotechnological processes can benefit greatly from a Status deployment.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Status is a powerful software design solution for your digital signage display needs. Using Status, companies can display meaningful real-time information such as sales or manufacturing figures from their SCADA systems, cycle a series of messages generated for corporate visitors, internal training or other employee messages, or display web-based feeds such as stock market data, weather, news and more.

Optimize your communications with Status. Present your message on any type of display including plasma or LCD screens, digital billboards or kiosks, and remotely control from across the aisle or across the globe. Status allows you to more efficiently manage and deliver your digital signage content, saving you time and money.

Status is the perfect solution for digital signage applications in areas such as corporate communications, education, tourism, retail, financial services, restaurants, conferences, etc.