Remote Monitoring Software

Status Device Cloud is a cloud based remote monitoring platform designed to monitor geographically dispersed assets at any number of locations, featuring:

 Real-Time Analytics and Visualization

 Mobile Data Access

 Alarms with Email/Text Alerts

 Historical Data Logging

 Real-Time and Historical Trending

 Workflow (Automation)


Remote Monitoring and Control Software

Your Real-Time Monitoring Platform

Connect Data from Hundreds of Potential Sources

Status Device Cloud is a customizable remote monitoring platform that uses OPC UA information modeling to allow users to connect data from hundreds of different types of hardware for real-time visualization, reporting, archiving, workflow, and other higher level functions.

Create sophisticated applications without programming skills, or use your .NET programming skills to customize or extend functionality. Whatever your level of skill or technical expertise, Status Device Cloud was designed to make the IoT work for you.

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