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Connect everything from legacy PLCs, RTUs, databases and other software systems, to network devices and sensors.

 A Single Solution for All of Your Data Sources

 Information Model Based Architecture Built on OPC UA

 HTML5 Publication for Native Web and Mobile Support

 Unified Alarming, Analytics, Automation, Historian, and other Services

A Flexible and Progressive SCADA Solution

Information modeling adds structure and consistency to your SCADA system, helping to improve production quality, reduce risk and associated cost, decrease time to market, and manage growth and change.

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Status Enterprise is a complete SCADA solution

Status Enterprise SCADA

Aggregate, Archive and Organize

Consolidate and Organize Disparate Data for Real-Time Monitoring and Control

Status Enterprise collects and organizes data from thousands of potential sources for real-time visualization, automation, and analysis. Data is collected from various locations and aggregated into an information model. The system is open, accessible by REST, OPC UA or our .NET object model. Clients can view screens from a high performance Windows client, or any mobile device supporting HTML 5 - including iPhone, iPad, Android devices and desktop browsers.

More than Remote Monitoring and Alarming

Status Enterprise Users Are Getting More from Their SCADA System Software

Manange Business Processes

Network Monitoring

Maintenance Support

Maintenance Support

Automated Reporting

Automated Reporting

Workforce Mobility

Workforce Mobility

Status Enterprise is built on OPC UA (Unified Architecture) and has the ability to support millions of assets through information modeling. The system includes data connectivity for thousands of devices and systems, including: OPC UA, OPC DA, SNMP, MQTT, REST, Bar Code, GPS, Domoticz, RFID, SQL and ODBC data sources, Excel workbooks, Allen Bradley, BACnet, Modbus and Siemens S7 devices, as well as Monnit, Libelium, Advantech Wzzard, and B-Scada sensors. Custom data sources can also be supported.

Professional Services Model for SCADA

With our new Professional Services Model for SCADA, unlimited licensing for Status Enterprise is available at zero cost. The software is free to download and services such as consulting, installation, support and training are only available at a fee.

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