High Performance Data Visualization

Status Device Cloud provides a high performance platform for real-time data integration, analytics, and visualization for:

 HMI (Human Machine Interface) screens

 KPI Dashboards

 Business Intelligence

 Digital Signage

 Workforce Mobility

High Performance Data Visualization

Powerful Solutions for Real-Time Visualization

Connect Data from Hundreds of Potential Sources

Status Device Cloud is a cloud-based data visualization platform that uses OPC UA information modeling to allow users to connect data from hundreds of different data sources for real-time visualization, reporting, archiving, workflow, and other higher level functions.

Create sophisticated visualizations without programming skills. An intuitive, point-and-click graphic design application allows users of any skill level to create high performance visualizations for any application: HMI screens, KPI dashboards, business intelligence applications, digital signage, and more. Visualizations can be viewed on any Windows device or in any modern web browser, including on tablets and mobile devices.

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