B-Scada’s Zero Cost Licensing Continues to Gain Traction
Thursday, May 10, 2018

B-Scada announced in January that its Status Enterprise SCADA system would now be offered through a Professional Services Model, allowing users to download and use the software free of charge and without restrictions on tag count or the number of clients connected. Since that time, the Status Enterprise trial download has been a popular request among companies and individuals looking for a quality SCADA solution.

To help new users evaluate the powerful SCADA software, B-Scada also provides several free resources at www.ScadaUniversity.com, where all users have access to training videos, help documentation, and the B-Scada community forum.

B-Scada made the shift to the Professional Services Model as the Status Enterprise SCADA system grew in functionality and features to the point where successful implementation often requires some degree of integration support by experts on the system.

Status Enterprise users with complex projects that require integration support can contract premium support services from B-Scada for training, data model design, screen design, development of custom data connectivity and other solutions as desired. Premium support services can be purchased at an hourly rate. Those clients looking for a dedicated partner to assist in the design and development of a solution will now have B-Scada experts at their disposal and available on demand.

To learn more about Status Enterprise or request a trial download, visit www.scada.com. For more information on B-Scada's systems and professional services, please visit www.ScadaUniversity.com or contact [email protected]