Status Enterprise 5.2 Released
Monday, February 20, 2017

CRYSTAL RIVER, FL: B-Scada, Inc. has announced the release of the latest version of its popular SCADA application, Status Enterprise v5.2. This release includes several new features and enhancements to existing features meant to improve the user experience for current users and provide a more robust and responsive system for new customers.

Some of the new features and enhancements include:

  • New Data Providers Added

    • New MQTT Broker
    • REST Data Provider

  • Other Enhancements to Data Connector

    • Added Ability to Import Dropped Data into Data Connector
    • Implemented Guaranteed Delivery when Writing to a Modbus Slave Using Modbus TCP Extended Provider
    • Enhanced Modbus TCP Server provider in the Data Connector to reduce memory use
    • Improved Connection Process for Allen Bradley Data Provider to Allen Bradley Devices
    • Added Support for Custom PLCs to Allen Bradley Data Provider
    • Improved Performance of Excel Data Provider
    • Added Username and Password support into the MQTT Data Provider

  • Other Usability and Performance Enhancements

    • Improved Performance of Data Model Designer During Instances Where Large Numbers of Data Mappings Cannot be Resolved
    • Enhancement to Improve Positioning when Using Map Control
    • New Sum Calculation Functionality Added to Function Text Block Control
    • Implemented Button Content Property for Navigation Combo Box

These new features and enhancements are also applicable to Status Device Cloud users. All Status Device Cloud accounts are automatically upgraded to the latest version of the software.

As always, B-Scada encourages current Status Enterprise users to upgrade to the latest version of the software to take advantage of the new features and enhancements.

About Status Enterprise

Status Enterprise is a modern information model based SCADA system capable of consolidating and organizing data for real-time visualization and analysis. From the factory floor to the board room, Status Enterprise can aggregate and organize data from local or geographically dispersed assets and systems into a consolidated, organized information model. Status leverages HTML 5 for Web and Mobile access and harnesses the power of OPC UA for security and accessibility. Can be deployed on-site or served as a cloud platform.

Data connectivity includes OPC UA, OPC DA, SNMP, MQTT, Domoticz, RFID, SQL and ODBC data sources, Excel workbooks, BACnet, Allen Bradley, Modbus and Siemens S7 devices, as well as Libelium, Advantech Wzzard, and B-Scada sensors. Custom data sources can also be supported.

About B-Scada, Inc.

B-Scada provides software and hardware solutions for the monitoring and analysis of real time data in the SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), IoT (Internet of Things) and Smart City domains. B-Scada systems are sold worldwide in various verticals including: building automation, transportation, smart grid, manufacturing, agriculture and commerce. B-Scada solutions are deployed onsite and as cloud-hosted solutions in a SaaS (Software as a Service) model.