B-Scada Subsidiary Opens in Spain
Saturday, November 1, 2014

CRYSTAL RIVER, FL: B-Scada, Inc. (SCDA), announced today the opening of its Spanish subsidiary. The subsidiary will provide improved sales, service and support to Spanish and Portuguese speaking customers worldwide. "B-Scada Spain will help us attract new customers and communicate better with our existing customers" says Ron DeSerranno CEO for B-Scada. "Business is conducted differently in different parts of the world, and the office in Spain will provide a new point of contact for our LATAM (Latin America) and EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) resellers and end users." Coneti Consultores, a Spanish consulting firm and reseller of B-Scada systems, will be providing the initial talent and management for the new company. "Coneti knows our systems, knows our staff and has delivered many successful software and hardware systems over the past several years" says DeSerranno. "They also have successful deployments of B-Scada systems in Spain and Angola, including the first deployment of Status Enterprise in a manufacturing environment. This combination of technology and talent will produce an immediately successful company". B-Scada estimates that the Spanish subsidiary could contribute $500K to annual revenues in the first year of operations. The new company will also be seeking talent to grow the business in Spain and is looking forward to meeting companies that may require B-Scada products and services.

About B-Scada, Inc.

B-Scada specializes in the compelling visualization of real-time data. Its visualization technology and SCADA products are deployed in manufacturing, power & utilities, transportation, petrochemical, building automation, and other fields of business where visualization of real time data is critical. B-Scada's in-house expertise and experience has provided them the opportunity to partner with companies from various vertical markets, and assist them to develop custom solutions that meet their specific needs. B-Scada's goal is to help clients transfer real-time production and operational data into actionable information through graphically-compelling, functional, and intuitive user interfaces.

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