B-Scada Announces the Shipping Release of Status Enterprise
Monday, April 21, 2014

B-Scada, Inc. (OTCQB: MOBS) redefines SCADA and HMI with the release of Status Enterprise.

B-Scada has completed and made available for general release, Status Enterprise 2.0, an enterprise level HMI (Human Machine Interface) and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) System. At the heart of Status Enterprise is a data modeling engine that allows users to create a more organized and intelligent data visualization system. Data Modeling allows a user to fully customize their data structure, integrate data from other enterprise applications, and create HMI screens with an unmatched level of intelligence and functionality.

Advanced Strategic Insight

Status Enterprise builds on the success of B-Scada's Status Machine Edition HMI released in 2008. In addition to SCADA functionality and a world class HMI designer built on the latest technologies, Status Enterprise incorporates asset management capabilities through a data model. This allows an asset - say a sensor - to have more than just an updating value; it can have an asset ID, model number, manufacturer, efficiency, operating range, troubleshooting instructions, or part number. Through Status Enterprise, you could even define work tickets, maintenance requirements and incidence reports that are all available with your live data in your HMI screens. Your HMI screens will provide considerably more intelligence, allowing you to maximize productivity and production quality, reduce unscheduled downtime, and minimize the risk of accidents. None of the old style HMI's can deliver this level of functionality.

"HMI and SCADA systems of the 1990's bind values or tags directly to the graphics" says Ron DeSerranno, CEO of B-SCADA. "There is little opportunity for screen reuse if you have many similar assets to monitor. Every asset will need its own screen with its own bindings. This greatly increases the size and complexity of your HMI deployment making it awkward to maintain and more time consuming to implement. Data modeling in Status Enterprise overcomes these limitations by allowing you to create an HMI screen for a 'type' of asset, a screen that can be reused over and over." Status Enterprise allows you to create and deploy a better HMI/SCADA application faster and makes it easier to maintain.

Unmatched Accessibility

HTML5 support in Status allows you to view your data on today's most popular devices, phones and tablets wherever you need it. Being ISA 95 friendly and using open OPC UA, Status is secure and can integrate with other systems in your enterprise both consuming and providing critical information.

Status Enterprise will make your supervisory control system more intelligent, more efficient, and more accessible than ever before.