10-K Posted, Increased Revenue and SCADA Sales
Thursday, January 26, 2012

B-Scada demonstrated continued growth in 2011 and has filed our Form 10-K with the SEC. Net Income for 2010-2011 rose by $234,146 compared to 2009-2010. Revenue grew by 19% for the same period on stronger SCADA sales.

"B-Scada had an amazing year." says President & CEO, Allen Ronald DeSerranno. "B-Scada technology will now be deployed on some of the world's most sophisticated underground mining machines. Our software will be distributed by a Fortune 500 company through their sales channel; we have also executed additional technology licensing agreements that have increased our long term revenue projections."

B-Scada's revenue is generated from two sources, through retail sales of our HMI and SCADA software products and through licensing of technology to other companies for use in the products they produce. B-Scada has developed its own Industrial Control and Monitoring solutions over the past five years. 'Status' is a powerful SCADA (Supervisor Control and Data Acquisition System) software program capable of connecting to real time industrial data and displaying the information in real time to operators, maintenance personnel and supervisors. B-Scada has attracted a number of resellers and system integrators that are now promoting and using 'Status' in commercial settings. Status is now being used to monitor one of the largest subway systems in the world. It is monitoring HVAC performance in pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities in China, railways in Italy, and used in numerous vertical markets in the United States including electricity generation, waste water and EPA monitoring.

In addition to selling its own software products, B-Scada also licenses the technology it has developed to other software companies. The technology that B-Scada has developed has been licensed to numerous firms including three Fortune 500 companies. These licensing arrangements will provide long term, recurring, royalty based revenue for B-Scada.

B-Scada will be releasing additional information on our performance and provide guidance for the upcoming year with an annual report due to be released in the next couple of days. Please monitor the 'News' page at B-Scada's website: www.B-Scada.com or subscribe to our news releases using the contact information below. Our report on Form 10-K can be found on the SEC website: www.sec.gov.