Monitoring Solution Provided for Large Transit Company
Friday, January 1, 2010

The 5678 Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation operates the largest and most extensive metropolitan subway system in the Republic of Korea with a total of 148 stations throughout lines 5-8. They serve 2.7 million passengers per day with a total reach of almost 152 kilometers. SMRT stands at the core of Seoul's public transportation system and is recognized as the world's fourth largest metropolitan subway corporation.

With an enormous customer base and over 6,000 employees, SMRT operates an enormous and vitally important component of metropolitan Seoul's infrastructure. Millions of people rely on SMRT's service every day, and the corporation takes great strides to remain at the forefront of rapid transit service options. In 2007, SMRT became the first local public corporation to be ranked number 1 in the business assessment performed by the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs for 3 consecutive years. Additionally, they have also received a number 1 ranking in CEO assessments performed by the Ministry for 2 consecutive years, and ranked number 1 overall in the first annual Seoul Creative Management Evaluation.

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