Vantage Point Maps, Vantage Point for Silverlight, and Military Icon Released
Tuesday, October 28, 2008

B-Scada, Inc. announced today the availability of its new products, VantagePoint Silverlight Controls, VantagePoint Maps and Military Icon.

VantagePoint Silverlight Controls is a comprehensive set of components which includes Radial Gauges, Sliders, Buttons, LED Displays and Miscellaneous controls. Each of the 26 components is scalable, can be resized at design or runtime, and has the same number of customizable dependency properties found in the WPF version of VantagePoint, allowing unlimited manipulation of the look and feel of the control. Designers and developers will find their ability to create web applications greatly enhanced using VantagePoint Silverlight Controls in the Silverlight crossplatform environment.

"We're very excited to be able to release VantagePoint Silverlight Controls so soon after the shipping release of Silverlight 2.0," stated Ron DeSerranno, President & CEO of B-Scada. "We've worked hard to make sure they are equal, in every way, to our WPF controls so that designers and developers can build their web applications without worrying about what might be different. No surprises and no learning curve."

VantagePoint Silverlight Controls is currently shipping and available for sale on the B-Scada website.

VantagePoint Maps is a WPF control representing the United States with 50 child controls for the individual states. Developers can blow out various regions, change dependency properties on the control, and generate compelling geographic visualizations for use in .NET 3.5 Windows or web applications (xbap). Demographic data can be displayed for a single state, select states, or the entire United States.

B-Scada's Military Icon is a single WPF control that can be used to configure military war fighting symbols based on MIL-STD-2525B. With three primary dependency properties - Hostility Level, Dimension and Unit Type - developers can create 1,200+ different symbols to be used in WPF Windows application projects.

VantagePoint Maps and Military Icon are currently shipping and available for sale on the B-Scada website.