Vantage Point WPF Controls Released
Tuesday, September 25, 2007

B-Scada, Inc., a software development firm focused on emerging XML based graphic technologies has released a new suite of controls for use by Windows application developers creating software for Windows XP and Vista. VantagePoint WPF Controls was unveiled at the National Manufacturer's Week Assembly/ Electronics Conference in Rosemont, IL on September 25th.

VantagePoint WPF Controls is a suite of user interface components designed for use by software developers and designers using Microsoft .NET 3.0 and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) as the platform for their software products. The highly customizable Buttons, Tanks, Pipes, Sliders, Radial and Linear Gauges, Motors and other user interface controls can be used in WPF Windows or Web applications. Each control has dozens of properties for configuring the look and feel of the component.

VantagePoint WPF Controls is designed for use in highly graphical applications like those found in industrial control systems (SCADA and HMI), medical, financial and manufacturing software applications. Written entirely in WPF, VantagePoint WPF Controls can participate in data binding and styling and is compatible with B-Scada's Aurora XAML Designer product, as well as Visual Studio and Expression Blend by Microsoft.

Founded in 2003, B-Scada identified early the leading role that XML would play in graphics, multimedia, and interface design and development in the upcoming decade. XML based graphics are becoming significant not only for software development, but for the enrichment of the user experience on the Internet. B-Scada's focus is on WPF, XAML and Silverlight from Microsoft. B-Scada has been involved in these technologies since 2004 and provides products and expertise in software engineering, developer training, and consulting.