Consulting Agreement Reached with Rockwell Automation
Thursday, February 9, 2006

B-Scada, Inc. has entered into an agreement with Rockwell Automation to provide Microsoft Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML) and Windows Presentation (WPF) consultation for use of these technologies in future Rockwell software releases.

A Leader in XAML design, B-Scada, Inc. will work with Rockwell on building prototypes of Rockwell solutions that leverage the power behind Microsoft next generation technologies. XAML and WPF are capable of adding features such as high fidelity 3D Vector based graphics, animations and more that will revolutionize Rockwell's Automation software.

B-Scada feels confident that this relationship could extend to Rockwell's use of B-Scada's XAML designer, Aurora, embedded in software to author XAML documents. This would save Rockwell millions of dollars in custom development. B-Scada's CEO, Mr. Ronald DeSerranno states, "We are very excited about this new agreement with Rockwell and B-Scada looks forward to a long and successful working relationship with Rockwell. Here at B-Scada, we feel that as XAML becomes more prevalent in the marketplace, there will be additional companies that will require our XAML authoring software products and services."

About B-Scada

B-Scada Inc. is a world leader in delivering next generation XML based graphic solutions. B-Scada's Aurora gives developers and designers alike the ability to easily build XAML applications and web sites today without having to manually code the markup. Written on top of Microsoft's new graphical subsystem, Windows Presentation, Aurora allows designers to create the robust and compelling graphics, animations and user interfaces. Aurora now delivers 2D and 3D documents, animation, fixed and flow format documents, custom controls and more. Aurora can also be embedded into .NET applications for XAML authoring.

About Rockwell Automation, Inc.

Rockwell Automation, Inc. is a leader in industrial automation and information software applications to help customers maximize their productivity. With over 21,000 employees Worldwide and sales of over $5 Billion, Rockwell now does business in over 80 countries and delivers products and services that address the needs of many industry types. More information about Rockwell Automation can be found at